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We Stand Side By Side, a Universe Away
Posted on: 08-31-2006 @ 08:08 am

Today I took a train into the city. There mustn't have been a soul who made eye contact with me comfortably, and I must admit I even fell prey to this cold alienation. A city of strangers, that is New York. Every individual, thousands of them, passes you throughout the day, each with their own lives and tales to tell, completely embedded in a world as distant to you as the furthest star from our solar system. What is this great gap we have created? Must man be so void from man? There are times where I, in a desparate attempt to bridge that gap, to show another that they are not alone and that humanity is still capable of reaching out, look to stranger with a compassionate and friendly glance. Time and time again I am turned away in a look of awkwardness or fear, quickly dismissed as if I had violated some unwritten right; that all man must be his own island.

Is this not our own cultural conditioning? Have we not built this wall ourselves? What must we do to climb it? The sky scrapers seem to embody the image of an impenetrable tower, unclimable, a mountain of modernism, and with it carried the paradox of being amassed in one great city together, forever alone. The crux from which both solitude and unity balance as eternally separated states; one a cold, harsh reality that faces us as powerfully as death and the endless cycles of life's storm, samsara. The other reality some idealism, a phantom or angel only brought to life in our dreams and aspirations, our poetry and art.

The truth is, the only true wall is that which has been built in our minds and spirit; it is this division that has manifested a world of duality and alienation. Consciousness manifests content, as is evident throughout history of our species. We have created this sterilized labrynth of materialsm for ourselves, as the Maya had created their civilization built on cyclical time (Evident in their architecture, their literature, their mindset).

We have fallen from our original state and in our fall, meant to teach us and allow us to continue our evolution, have forgotten our roots. Entranced by a world that seemed to tell us that man was some alien creature in a world cold and dead, our culture set about to dissect, dismantle and consume the cosmos as if some lifeless rock. Today, we plow through acres of rain forest, pump precious gallons of oil, disregarding the delicate balance, cycles and structure of a dynamic life force. We have stabbed the cosmos in the eye, attempting to impress our own vision upon it. But what have we found? And where are we now? We are those saddened aliens, alone even from one another as we ride our buses and trains, walk through our streets which our magnificent civilization had once so boasted over. What good have we done? What have we achieved? It is evident that, in order to continue our journey, our life as a species, we must cast aside the myths of a consciousness premature, and begin to embrace and integrate the responsibility of being a part of a greater cosmos - one that will, and has embraced us from the beginning.

Last updated on 08-31-2006 @ 08:15 am

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