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COOL Archives: Inner Space Voyage(Happiness is but a thought away)

Posted on Saturday, September 30 @ 23:46:30 UTC by wyldwynd

fylthevoyd writes " Close your eyes and clear your mind. The journey ahead is not distant or difficult. Everybody possesses the ability to voyage into the reaches of inner-space. The inner-space with-in one's mind, which most people tend to overlook. There are no tricks involved, just belief in one's goal. The goal of obtaining serenity to endure the stress, and pressures of everyday life. Humans possess the ability to think, whereas other animals don't have the ability of reason. Use the powers available to you, to find that individual place of relaxation and comfort. Yes, serenity is just a thought away.

     My personal voyage has no worry of expenditures, transportation, or travel worries. My voyage involves the simple process of closing my eyes, and opening my mind. Drifting out of the present plane of reality, into a picturesque world of peace and harmony. I am bound by no restrictions. It is as if I have left the physical world in all aspects. No responsibilities associated with reality, just total personal fulfillment. Absorbed into the tranquil environment, sensing the true meaning of freedom. Enjoying the presence of happiness since this plane of existence is devoid of pain, sorrow, and agony. Peaceful happiness is abundant in this proverbial land of milk and honey.

      I really don't believe there is a physical description of my mental hideaway. The surrealistic beauty available, is determined through personal interpetation, and physical descriptive attributes cannot be placed upon these things. There is an overwhelming presence of happiness, peacefulness, and natural harmony blanketing my very existence. Once with-in this environment it is as though I am guided by a force, unknown to comprehension, to the different levels of awareness.

     Wisdom is plentiful, if I choose an educational journey. Knowledge which can be applied to overcome the depressive actions of everyday life. Knowledge to achieve a state of mind which can defeat the negative, self conceived perceptions of reality. Thus achieving an individual happiness which promotes an optimistic outlook on life in general. The human mind has to be used to its' fullest capacity, or knowledge is lost. I believe that knowledge is an infinite motion, cease to learn, and the mind becomes stagant. That is the purpose for my inner space voyages, be it naturally or chemically induced. To promote the full potentiality of my mind, and apply this potential to an optimistic outlook to carry me through the real world.
I have talked about a very obtainable goal, obtainable with an open mind, not hindered by the trappings of preconceived notions instilled upon us. You can tear down the walls of confinement that are with-in your mind. The desire has to be there, in order to proceed. The need has always been present with in the human mind, for all of us. Aldous Huxley stated this in The Doors To Perception: "That humanity at large will ever be able to dispense with Artificial Paradises seems very unlikely. Most men and women lead lives at the worst so painful, at the best so monotonous, poor and limited that the urge to escape, the longing to transcend themselves if only for a few moments, is and has always been one of the principal appetites of the soul."

     Happiness is a learned condition. Since it is learned and self generating, it does not depend upon external circumstances for its' perpetuation. Thus happiness is indeed a direction, and not a place. Seek out this inner place with-in yourself, to find the riches of the mind which you hold the key to. It is all up to your own self expression to become educated with your self, and the powers you hold with-in yourself.

Note: This is another philosophical piece I wrote for a philosophy class,when I was in college. After viewing numerous "enhanced" mind trips, and applying what I had learned, to journey into the deep reaches of the mind with out any external help. The mind is a very powerful tool, in the self educating of ones self.


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