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COOL Archives: AUM

Posted on Wednesday, October 18 @ 22:07:41 UTC by wyldwynd

 omaum.jpg   From the ancient mystical traditions comes the idea of the Cosmic constant, the prime vibration, the word. The Sanskrit root word or seed sound symbolizing that aspect of the Godhead, which creates and sustains all things is called Aum (om). Aum of the Vedas became the sacred word Hum of the Tibetans; Amin of the Moslems; and Amen of the Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, Jews, and Christians. This energy when flowing was seen as the Holy Ghost, or Holy Light in Middle Eastern cultures, but in Sanskrit it was termed prana. AUM has been said to be the sound of the cosmic vibration of creation, preservation and destruction. The first reference to AUM was seen some four to six thousand years ago in the writings of the Vedas.

In the Rig Vedas

  1. It states "Express your Wisdom Devi, perfect the Word (Vach - AUM) in the God Head (Devatra - Sat-chit-ananda).
  2. Much later in time, Patanjali's Aphorisms of Yoga states that, "He who knows AUM, knows God".
  3. In modern times Sri Yukteswar in his book The Holy Science, states that AUM is seen as the power which gives rise to the natural world. And that, in Sanskrit, is called prakriti.
Sri Yukteswar writes in his book, The Holy Science;

"Parambrahma (God) causes creation, inert Nature (Prakriti), to immerge. From AUM (Pranava, the Word, the manifestation of the Omnipotent Force), comes Kala, (which is) Time; Desa, (which is) Space; and Anu, the Atom (the vibratory structure principle of creation).

The Word, Amen (Aum), is the beginning of creation. The manifestation of Omnipotent Force (the Repulsion and its complementary expression, Omniscient Feeling or Love, the Attraction) is vibration, which appears as a peculiar sound: the Word, Amen, Aum. In its different aspects Aum presents the idea of change, which is Time, Kala in the Ever-Unchangeable; and the idea of division, which is Space, Desa, in the Ever-Indivisible."

    He says that meditation on "Pranava, which is the divine sound (vibration) of Aum, is the only way to Brahman (Spirit), salvation. He writes that "…the only way by which man can return to his Divinity," "is in the baptism or merging of Self in the stream of the Holy Sound (Pranava, Aum..." He also says that this merging manifests spontaneously through, "the culture of Sraddha, which is the energetic tendency of the heart’s natural love; Virya, moral courage; Smriti, True conception; and Samadhi, true concentration." But he says that the principle requisite for attainment of the holy life is attainment of Love, which he calls, the heart’s natural tendency.

This natural love is allowed to arise through metta, which is kindness and must start with kindness for oneself.

The gospel according to John begins with "In the beginning was the Word. And the Word was with God and the Word was God".

In the Hebrew tradition, Amen is used to conclude all prayers. "These things saith the Amen, the faithful and true witness, the beginning of the creation of God"

The feeling of AUM is said to be feminine. It is soft and nurturing as in the word h-om-e. It is said to be the feeling of God in nature, it is the feeling of life itself some say.

Aum is the primal fundamental oscillation out of unity. It is the base for Time, Space and the Vibratory structure principle of creation. The only possible creative duality within Unity, (zero point or quantum vacuum)" is the "supra rational or transcendent" proportion of Phi also referred to as the Golden Mean. It alone allows for the perfect reflection and bifurcation that is , recursive, self-referencing, and scale invariant. It allows for idealized communications and compression as well as creates a path for the superluminal or quantum communications. Phi is not just a number it is a relationship of perfection mirroring itself.

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