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Date: Sunday, November 12 @ 19:18:46 UTC
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We are also planning our next One Love Concert & Reasoning in
Hollywood in 2007. The event will be called Hollywood: A Higher
Calling. The event will be a private concert and "reasoning" with
invitations to all the top people in Hollywood (actors, director,
producers, executives). This free event will include performances by
recording artists known for their lifetime message of love as well as
addresses from Native American elders, Tibet monks, Mayan elders and
other teachers of love. Taj Mahal has agreed to perform. We are also
planning to invite the Marley family, Santana, Natalie Merchant,
Luciano, Richie Havens, Joan Baez, Michael Franti, Sarah McLachlan,
Crosby, Stills & Nash, Neil Young, Joni Mitchell, and other artists.

We believe that that if well-known recording artists, whose music is
loved and whose journey is respected by many in the film and TV
industry, extend a private invitation to their counterparts in
Hollywood to join them in further devoting their talents and energies
to bringing forward a message of love and forgiveness through their
work, many will listen and accept their invitation. Indeed, there may
be no more effective group to influence this industry - an industry
that has such a great impact on molding the consciousness of the

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In December, our family will journey to the highlands of Guatemala to
meet with some of the Mayan Elders. After bringing forward through our
books the wisdom of several other cultures including the Rastafarians,
Hopi, Havasupai and Iroquois, we are considering doing our next book
on the wisdom of the Mayans. We will be meeting with the Elders and
speaking at the Ix-Canaan Project's Activation Maya event that will be
held near the Mayan ruins in Tikal, Guatemala around the Winter
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We are presently working on our next book, The Path of the
Peacemakers:A Guide to the End of War. The books offers a coherent
explanation as to how to end war on the planet. It examines that
throughout history the healing of human moral blindnesses - the advent
of democracy, the end of slavery, advancements of rights for all
people no matter their color, gender and sexual preference, the end of
apartheid, the dismantling of colonial empires, fair labor practices,
the political enfranchisement of women, etc. - has never been
initiated and propelled forward by the political, social religious or
business leaders. It has always begun with a small group of people
holding the vision and sharing that vision with more and more people
until a "tipping point" was reached in human consciousness and the
needed changes were enacted. This has been the same formula that has
worked through the ages and will be the one successful in healing the
last, but most important, human blindness - war. People will demand
that their leaders make peace - not war. Then tremendous resources
will be freed up to advance humanity and heal our planet. It may be
difficult to imagine how the teachers of love - the peacemakers - can
possibly prevail over the teachers of fear and separation - who seem
so well organized and powerful. However, one key factor must be
understood - the peacemakers have the power of the Creator accessible
to them as it is the Creator's will that we live in peace and love.
The success and manifestation of global peace is guaranteed as
the consciousness of the people comes in line with the will of their

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