Forebearance, Gentleness and Good Morals : Need of The Hour.
Date: Tuesday, April 08 @ 22:32:09 UTC
Topic: Religion

1= (i)-To bring human close to God.  (ii)- To raise the standard of righteousness of human so that they can imbue the attributes of God at human level…..These are fundamentals of promised spiritual reforms in this era.

2= These reforms demands pledge for piousness and piety.

3= Forebearance, gentleness and good morals are the instruments, by which the reformer takes pain and stuggles to pull the long lost people towards divine light.  Practice of forebearance is required inside the home and outside as well. It helps to spread peace.

4= Pulling towards guidance is like lighting the path which is directed to God.. This path has enlighted stages. Passions continue to increase to reach next stage. Each stage illumine the way to next one..Guide and guided ones continue efforts.

5= Practice gentleness, forebearance along with no use of force is the spiritual ointment prescibed by the guided promised reforming messiah ( --- Being the perfect representation (62:4) of his master, the blessed holy prophet of high moral excellences, he requires from the pledgeres to implement the forgotten great teachings and practice piety to family, friends, opponents and society.

6= To practice righteousness and to advise the weaks in private is the reforming call; ill manners / morals stem from arrogance endangering the faith and belief. Lack of gentleness and arrogance is the root of many human conflicts. First reformation is done by the self. Timely control of tempers saves from many subsequent unrests.

7= A child talk gentle and mild before it learn the ways of world. This fact shows gentility is inherented in us. Deriding, defaming, nicknaming, suspecting needlessly, spying, backbiting are to be avoided (49:12+) . Good things said and heard in response make peace.

8=  To imbue divine attributes on human level, attitude of a  believer has to be gentle and in accordance.

9= Reforms also need that one does not chase matters of others with ill intent. One need to control one’s temper ; one who flares into a temper cannot say anything of wisdom. Furry is half madenss, if it exceeds limits it becomes total madness.

10= Some more words of reforming wisdom: (a)- Never be arrogant to anyone, even though he/she is your subordinate. (b)-Donot call name to anyone, even if  he/she call name.(c)- Be humble, kind, pure intented and sympathetic to creature so that you should be accepted.

11= Prayers and good works are the conditions, made by Allah, to the beneficence of Caliphate / Khilafat. Righteousness and piety is the promised messianically explained root.

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