What is COOL?
Date: Monday, September 04 @ 18:30:03 UTC
Topic: COOL Community

COOL is a community dedicated to spreading the message of One Love around the world. Its members feel deeply that Love is the answer to many of the world’s problems and Love can unite humanity and guide us towards a peaceful future.

COOL is one of the first religions to be started on the Internet. It is a dogma-free, non-denominational religion of the people, by the people and for the people. It is a cooperative effort of individuals who feel that mainstream religions no longer serve the common good and tend to be exclusive, alienating so many people, leaving them without the guidance and support of a spiritual community.

To fulfill that innate human need among so many longing for a spiritual community they can relate to, COOL was created. For so many of us who feel marginalized, even condemned for our beliefs, we now have a virtual place where we can commune, share our wisdom and that of the world’s greatest thinkers.

At last, there is a community that YOU can feel a part of, that shares your beliefs, that will fight for your right to worship the divine in your own way. All COOL members will have constitutional protection in their daily devotional activities and when faced with legal questions of conscience.

To achieve this goal of forging a new community, we face a number of challenging tasks. Foremost among these is the creation of the Conscious Bible, a collection of wisdom from enlightened masters, old and new that can guide us to a better future where love replaces bombs.

By assembling a Conscious Bible, we hope to create a unique reference, not only for our members, but for all those related organizations that have similar beliefs, but no primary reference work. The Conscious Bible will be an ongoing project, including all submissions, commentaries and regular updates.

We need help deciding how to setup the community and how it will be managed.  If you are interested in joining this group and helping setup the community, just register.  If you'd like to become an author just send Skip a PM (personal message).  Then you can post articles, reviews and other content on the site, in addition to comments and forum postings.

Anyone joining COOL, is under no obligation, whatsoever. Membership is free and you can leave anytime.

PUBLIC NOTICE: By this notice, we hereby claim our copyright on the terms COOL (Community of One Love), CooLove.org (the website name) and Conscious Bible. These terms are the sole property of COOL and Hip Inc.

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