Drug Bust Nets Leader Of Big Island Marijuana Ministry
Date: Tuesday, July 13 @ 17:08:49 UTC
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Drug Bust Nets Leader Of Big Island Marijuana Ministry

A two-year investigation led to the arrests of 14 people on the Big Island in connection with an alleged marijuana growing and distribution network.

The leader of the group has openly said cannabis is a religion for him and that he's proud to spread what he calls the sacrament. How he did it, though, appears to have run afoul of federal authorities.

Roger Christie of Hilo speaks openly about what he calls his religion -- his THC ministry, and of the wealth that has flowed from it.

"The nickname for it is ganja-nomics,” he says on web videos he made promoting his services, “the natural economy that happens when you have freedom and cannabis together."

He claims a state license to be a wedding minister is his license to provide the drug. For donations of varying amounts The Hawaii Cannabis Ministry based issues a “Religious Use of Marijuana” ID card, ordainment, legal defense kits, and what the founder calls the sacrament -- marijuana

"We use cannabis religiously, and you can too," Christie says. “Raise the level of acceptance for having the blessings of cannabis in our life. I know you want it. I wanted it, I was hungry for it. I got it."

Thursday he got arrested, along with more than a dozen others, picked up in various locations from Hilo to Honokaa. Drug enforcement agents, sheriffs, county police, immigrations and customs and even postal agents were part of the bust. Sources say 14 people in all were taken into custody. The full story can be read by clicking this link.

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