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When my molecular substance fell from the galaxy's energy center, I found myself dropping into the wrong point in the time continuum that we know as reality. Thus making myself the proverbial;"Stranger in a strange land", in essence, I born into a world which was hundreds of years ahead of my time. My beliefs and my approach to life, were surpassed by technology, casting me into a concept of existence which is totally foreign to my beliefs. Basically I am, 300 to 400 years ahead of where my place in the time continuum spectum, adhering to old ways in a new world. Being isolated by the teachings of a modern world, that proclaim advancement is for the betterment of mankind.When the reality of these teachings are eventually bring about the down-fall of mankind, and the total destruction of his existence in the physical world. For "Mother Earth" will self purge herself of this inflectious virus known as the human race. The visionaries of ages gone by, have spoke of this demise in numerous languages, and various senarios, depicting the complete annihilation of the human race. As bleak as the outcome is presented, there is no denying the future which lays ahead for the future of ourselves and our ancestral offspring. Since the beginning of time, people have clung to some form of beliefs to protect and guide them through life and into the after life. These beliefs have been responsible for the loss of countless lives in the name of salvation, in the proclaimation that they're ways, were the way to survival and salvation. I have walked down many roads seeking this knowledge over the years, only to find hypocrisy in it's truest sense. Every religion across the face of the earth, claims they are the one, the only, the way to righteousness. Thus being judgemental of the rest of the population, looking down upon any one who doesn't follow their order of beliefs. When in reality, no one really knows what the actuality of the truth totally is. Every religion has it's own teachings,and the basic concept is, for the most part, is actually the same thing. With the vast geographical scattering of the human race, it only makes sense that there would be many different beliefs that transcends the boundries instilled my mankind.

I follow no order of organized religion, for they are all based on man's interpetation of a man written recorded history. I have had the opportunity over the years to be graced with guidence that supercedes concepts that are spoke of by man. I had the opportunity to be taken in by a Sioux shaman/medicine man under his tutorage. Showing me ways of the world which I had been searching for, through many different avenues that had led no where, in my life. My interests in the natural world and my basic beliefs is what had drawn me into this great man's fold of knowledge, allowing me to be educated in the Indian way of life and my role in the over-all picture of the world. Instructed by the true keeper of the knowledge,and how to live in harmony with the natural world around me. I was also blessed with the knowledge of using the natural psychedelics,to enlighten my mind and allow contact with a greater power,to broaden my scope of understanding the natural order of the universe,and my place in this world. I am posting this essay that follows since there is such a thrist for knowledge here about psychedelics and the aspect of "tripping". For once those doors of the mind are opened,there is a wealth of knowledge there for the taking, if that is what the person is seeking. The is an age old process of mind expansion, that is much older than the hippy movement. Hopefully this will provide a thought process,that will take the hallucinogens to a greater level than,just being viewed as a recreational drug.

Christian Influences In Peyote Beliefs

The early peyote ceremonies of Mexico were little influencedd by the Christian religion.However,by the time the white men became aware of peyotism in the United States a number of Christian elements had become incorporated into the cult.The peyote religion apparently changed quickly from a religion of strictly Native American elements to one basically Indian but with,"a veneer of Christianity".These syncretistic aspects are readily seen in the fact that the Indian deity is equated with the Christian God,Peyote or the Peyote Spirit with Jesus,and the messenger spirits(usually in the form of birds)with the Christian dove.Moreover the ethical concepts embraced by peyotists(called the "Peyote Road")include both traditional Indian ideals and certain fundamentalist Christian rules such as the avoidance of alcohol, brotherly love,and care of the family. In adopting certain Christian elements into their religion,peyotists from many tribes,facing persecution by Christian missionaries and government officials,argued that peyotism was simply one of the innumerable variants of Christianity but one that in which peyote was the sacrament rather than bread and wine. They offered as evidence the fact they belonged to a "church",that they followed the Ten Commandments andthe Golden Rule,that they observed the sacraments,and that they used the Bible in some of their ritual.In fact,like certain fundamentalist Christian sects,peyotist are able to quote verses from the Bible as justification of their beliefs and practices.In Exodus 12:8,for example,The Old Testament writer refers to "bitter herbs";the peyotist claims that peyote is the bitter herb.Romans 14:1-3 is used as a further justification for eating peyote,and in the opinion of the peyotist,is a Biblical injunction for anti-peyotists not to condemn the eating of peyote.It says in part that the,"man who eats must not hold in comtempt the man who does not,and he who does not eat must not pass judgement on one who does;for God has accepted him".The Indians learned the use of such proof-texts from Christian missionaries and simply have applied the same technique to,"prove",the Biblical validity of their religion.

Peyote symbolism, present in both the ritual and paraphernalia, also demostrates the Christian influence. The Menomini tribe,for example,state that the poles of their tipi represent Jesus and His disciples;they form the ashes from the fire in the shape of a dove, carve crosses on the staff,and use the sign of the cross during the ceremony. The southern Utes refer to the staff as,"Christ's staff",and the twelve feathers on it symbolize the twelve apostles.The Arapaho claim that when they blow the bone whistle to the four cardinal points at midnight they are announcing,"the birth of Christ to all the world".Some of John Wilson's ceremonial elements,particularly with respect to the shape and construction of the alter area itself.
Most peyotists strongly affirm the Christian elements as an important part of their religion.One of the most interesting claims by some peyotists is that God sent Jesus to the white man,but they killed him.Now all that is left for the whites is the cross.Then God sent Peyote to the Indians,but they have not killed him;thus,he is still with them in the form of a plant,which is his material manifestation.Jesus,like Peyote,is a spirit-force,so white man and Indian worship the same God but just have different spirit-forces.There is a great significance for the Indian in the fact that the Indian spirit-force is represented by a plant.Peyote is the Indians' Christ, white people needed aman to show them the way,while Indians have always been friends to the plants and have understood them.So to the Indians peyote was given,and not to the whites.
Many other peyotists strongly affirm thatthey worship the, true living God,who is Jesus Christ.The Iowa Indian tribe are even bastised in the name of the Christian Trinity.The peyotist firmly believes that he is in direct communication with Jesus and/or God through Peyote;"The white man goes into a church and talks about Jesus/God,while the Indian goes into a tepee and talks to Jesus/God.

Source: I wrote this essay for a class paper when I was in college in 1983,comparing Christian beliefs to other religions.I am not advocating or endorsing the use of mind altering componets,because everybody's life journey,is an individual path of enlightenment.I do know that I have found a level of enlightenment through mind altering plants,which could have never been achieved otherwise."You are the creator of your own path,build it well."

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