Date: Sunday, October 01 @ 02:02:45 UTC
Topic: Freedom

This concept was used for a drug abuse program which I helped to get off the ground after I got clean back in the early 80's...but it still applies to every day life I feel on the road to enlightenment. I still live by this concept and apply it to my every day life. Hope it is of value or worth to the site.

F-acing the truth about ourselves and the world around us, we decided we needed to change.

R-ealizing that there is a power from which we can gain strength, we have decided to use that power.

E-valuating ourselves by taking an honest self-appraisal, we examined both our strengths and weaknesses.

E-ndeavoring to help ourselves overcome our weaknesses,we enlisted the aid of that power.

D-eciding that our freedom is worth more than our resentments,we are using that power to help free us from those resentments.

O-bserving that daily progress is necessary,we set an attainable goal
     toward which we could work each day.

M-aintaining our own freedom,we pledge ourselves to help others as we have been helped.

Everybody that knows me knows that I have a history of drug abuse, from many years ago, having been clean now for 28 years. I thought I would share this concept with you all which I established after I got clean, and pursued helping others who had the same problem which I had overcome. It isn't really seeped in a 12 steps style, even though, it has been considered along those lines. It does apply in the arena of life as well, and not only for substance abusers. It follows the K.I.S.S. approach; Keep It Simple Stupid. The basis of ithis concept works hand in hand with the beliefs of COOL, thus the reason I am sharing this here. It is based off the word freedom,and is pretty self explanitory.

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