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Date: Monday, October 02 @ 03:02:36 UTC
Topic: Ceremonies & Sacraments

Soma has very ancient originations, more than 4000 years, possibly 20,000 years. Originally Soma was a god many people in many different lands (eg. India, Siberia, Persia, Afghanistan, Tibet, Iran etc.) worshiped as well as a very important magical sacramental (psychedelic) intoxicant, sometimes in the form of a drink, snuff or other means. Soma was the food of the gods, used for visionary and ecstatic experiences as well as for healing. These cults would consume their Soma and worship Soma for religious and spiritual reasons. Depending where and when these various Soma cults were and what plants and knowledge they had, determined what mythology, which plants, and what practices they employed. In India a plant Sarcostemma Acida and Fly Agaric (Amanita Muscaria) is believed to be used. In the Siberian Soma cult it is believed the Shaman used the Fly Agaric (Amanita Muscaria) mushroom which contains muscimol, muscarine and ibotenic acid, all powerful hallucinogens. In Iran, Syrian Rue (Paganum harmala) was used which contains Harmine, Harmaline and other Beta-carbolines. These are well known MAOI's (Monoamineoxidase inhibitors) which are employed even in the present day for South American shamanic rituals in conjunction with DMT (Dimethltryptamine) containing plants such as Banisteriopsis Caapi and Psychotria Viridis. The mixture of a DMT containing plant and a MAOI has many different traditional names, mainly Ayahuasca, Yaje, Haosca and many more. Two churches in Brazil which use this magical Ayahuasca are the UDV (Uniao do Vegetal) and the Santo Daime (full name- Doctrine of Santo Daime). These are of course modern uses (beginning 1930's) of Ayahuasca, but remember the use of Ayahuasca has be practiced by shamans for thousands of years, mainly for healing. All these psychedelic, psychoactive, hallucinogenic, entheogenic plants contain active alkaloids, of which there are thousands of and subsequently thousands of plants. These active alkaloids (usually phenethylamines or tryptamines), do not just occur in plants either. They are found in, frogs, marine-life, coral, sea-weeds and in fact DMT is formed in most animal brains including our own. I would like to point out for interest sake that in most countries the possession of DMT is illegal, so therefore we are all criminals!!!

I would like to propose that Soma is being worshiped today, by millions of people. Soma is any (natural or chemically synthesised) psychedelic used for healing, spirituality, mind expansion, raising and understanding of consciousness and awareness etc.


 Some of the most popular types of Soma are as follows;          LSD, Acid, D-Lysergic Acid Diethylamide:-      With over 30 analogues with similar properties including, LA-111 (ergine, d-lysergamide) found naturally in the morning glories- Ipomoea Violacea, Tricolor Purpura, and Turbina. These are used in sacred ceremonies in Mexico. There it is called Ololiuqui             Peyote (Lophophora Williamsii) / San Pedro (Trichocereus pachanoi)
and hundreds of other cacti:-
     Used for over a thousand years by Indians from North to South America. Contains Mescaline and Phenethylamine, as well as many many more alkaloids such as the Tetrahydroisoquinolines. Interestingly the Mexican Indians worship their god Mescalito and say if you don't have a pure heart (bad karma) you get led and pick the False Peyote and have a bad trip. The False Peyote is another species which is now found to contain DMT.            Magic Mushrooms, Shrooms:-      Stropharia, Copinaceae, Cortinarius, Volvariacease, Psilocybe families to name a few: Hundreds of mushrooms with active alkaloids. Commonly used are Psilocybe Stropharia and Psilocybe Semilanceata (liberty caps). These contain the Psilocybin, and Psilocin and other DMT related tryptamines. Again, Shrooms are used worldwide for maybe over 20,000 years to the present day for shamanic, hunting and recreational purposes.
            Ecstasy, MDMA, E:- Synthetic Phenethylamine, initially used for various kinds of counselling and psychotherapy, now extensively used and abused as a dance drug on the rave scene. Although not a true psychedelic and more of a entheogenic it is employed to some extent by many for raising consciousness and awareness, particularly by those who do not understand nor can use true psychedelics. However there is much concern to the health of users of this drug for many reasons. Commonly Ecstasy is not MDMA. The content of pills or powder, sold on the black market are cut to appaling standards even to the point of no MDMA present. I think the problem is because E has become such a trendy, media-hyped dance/club drug with an amazing amount of uneducated (about drugs) people taking it. Some of these people probably do not even know what MDMA even feels like. They are used to taking Amphetamines, LSD, Heroin, Ephedrine, MDA, MDEA, Ketamine, PCP, or even dog worming pills. How many times have you been at a club and heard some dealer shouting "Pills, pills!" and when asked, "Yeah pukka pills mate, really speedy, dancy pills."The point is if you are going to take drugs to minimise the risks of health problems with drug use you have to be educated about the true facts. You have to know what you are taking, how much you need, where and when is best and how often before you are likely to fry your brain. There must be respect for your brain, body and drug. Secondly, there is much more evidence that excessive use of MDMA (if you are lucky to get MDMA) does cause irreversible brain damage. It seems that a depletion of serotonin does occur which results in permanent depression. I definitely have witnessed many people over the last 7 or so years consuming an amazing amount of E, resulting in depression, a kind of burn out and a loss of energy and interest in life. It is obvious that the governments are hiding these facts and only focusing on the one in a million (or less) people who drop dead from either dehydration or drinking too much water (In the case of L Becks). More people can die of a fatal allergy from peanuts than MDMA.

            2CB, 4-bromo-2, 5-dimethoxyphenethylamine, Bromo-mescaline, Nexus:- A designer psychedelic/entheogenic drug invented by Alexander Shulgin whose synthesis' also include STP (DOM) as well as hundreds of other phenethylamines and tryptamines. Funded and licensed for nearly 20 years up until recently by the DEA in the States. Publication of his famous PiHKAL book seemed to cause the bust of his lab by the DEA, resulting in a $25,000 fine and loss of license to research such controlled substances. The book has step by step instructions of the synthesis of all the phenethylamines he researched including MDMA, Mescaline etc. He also tests all the drugs on himself with various doses and writes the various effects. 2CB was his favourite out of all the Phenethylamines he had synthesized, combining the chemistry of Mescaline and MDMA to produce an user friendly LSD/ Mescaline/ Mushroom/ MDMA type trip. A shorter (4 hours) more euphoric trip is gaining favor with psychedelic explorers over LSD and over similar substances due to the improved ability to communicate, less feelings of being wired and less introvert nature of LSD. Another interesting aspect of the drug is that people who usually have unpleasant experiences with the other psychedelics and therefore do not use them, such as MDMA, Cocaine and Speed users do enjoy 2CB and therefore employ this drug. In fact many MDMA users I know have stopped or reduced substantially their intake of MDMA, and now use 2CB. Also I have always felt that one has much more to gain and learn from a psychedelic than a stimulant, or feel-good type drug. Hopefully if distribution of 2CB is adequate, it has the possibility of replacing MDMA as a recreational party/ dance drug and benefit society. 2CB is unfortunately in the elitist psychedelic user circles at the moment along with DMT. However the good news is 2CB is 2CB and not cut with anything else. Usually found as little white pills, with which a minimum of 2 (10 mg) is sufficient to produce the desired effect in most. The best way for taking the 2CB is to crush them up and snort them. Be warned it is pretty painful at first. Alexander Shulgin has now published TiHKAL similar to PiHKAL but concerning Tryptamines such as DMT, Psilocybin and Psilocin, Serotonin, LSD, Harmine, Harmaline, Ibogaine etc. etc. Also, he as his wife write an account of their invasion/ bust by the DEA. - Highly recommended reading for the serious psychedelic researchers and experimenters.

NN-Dimethyltrypamine and 5MEO-Dimethyltrypamine-
 Naturally occurring in many many different living organisms plants and animals. Ancient shamanic uses in South America, Incan mummies found with snorting devices and traces of DMT containing snuff. An amazingly potent and visual trip. Recommended use by experienced psychonauts only or with guidance by experienced users as trips on DMT are often extremely intense and unexpected. If smoked without MAOI's it lasts about 15 minutes but a full trip manifests within 10 to 15 seconds!!! You must be prepared for this rapid onset and possible feelings of extreme terror and panic. Not a recreational drug, more medicinal, absolutely astounding experience, often compared to near death experiences. Not to be taken at a party or club on any accounts. Set up your trip, plan it and do not rush into it. There is some belief that DMT is released by your brain when you die, for various reasons, it is not hard to see why. DMT is used with MAOI's to prolong the trip or make DMT orally active. The mixture is called Ayahuasca (roughly translates to vine of the dead or vine of the souls) and has been used for thousands of years in South America.             Ketamine,K, Special K:- Originally synthesized as an extremely safe anesthetic for use in operational and battlefield situations. However use is now limited due to patients complaining about out of body experiences and full on trips and hallucinations. (The last place you want a full-on K trip is when you are backing up after a major operation!!) Still used for people with allergic reactions to other anesthetics, babies and animals. Since the late 60's it has been used as a psychedelic by only committed pychonauts. The most famous user of Ketamine was John C Lilly. By injecting Ketamine 24 times a day for about a year, using floatation tanks and working dolphins he had believed he had developed the ability of telepathic communication with these intelligent mammals. He wrote books on the subject and recorded conversations between humans and dolphins. (Available on Silent Records called ECCO). He also wrote many books such as 'Centre of The Cyclone', about human consciousness and relating the human brain as an organic biocomputer. Divine Soma Experiment have also recorded a track with some of his speech relating to repetitive human behavior and higher intelligence. The track is appropriately called Jon K Lilly, and is on Pharmaco Phantastica. There is much controversy about Ketamine, namely due to the fact it has been associated as the drug administered to soldiers who have just had their legs blown off and Ecstasy pills supposedly being cut with Ketamine. Most drug users when asked about their opinion about Ketamine display extreme disgust, dislike and ignorance about the substance. They nearly all say that they have had a pill usually at a club which was believed to be MDMA, but upon consumption had some very unpleasant or unwanted experiences. They nearly all say and blame it on Ketamine, when in fact they have never had Ketamine before, so how could they know what Ketamine feels like? Could it have been LSD and Heroin? It could have been anything. I often hear accounts of their nightmare experiences which usually last over 4 hours. Then I have to inform them Ketamine usually only lasts for 2 hours, and is not effectively administered by oral consumption anyway. Again how could anyone enjoy any drug if they are playing Russian roulette with what it is, particularly if you do get an unexpected hit of Ketamine in a busy, hectic place such as a rave or club. Certainly I would never dream of taking an amount of ketamine enough for a full trip (about 1/10 to 1/6 of a gram) in a club. It does sound like a nightmare. I think I would be put off K. Anyway enough of the bad press K has received and lets talk about its positive aspects, of which there are many. With the right set and setting, such as a small friendly group of no more than four or so good friends, lie back on a comfortable surface with duvet and pillows after sorting everything out so you do not have to move or do anything for a least two hours, such as go to the toilet, get the music sorted, dim the lights, etc. Then relax and administer the K. Best and safest if you know how to inject (Intramuscular) of Ketamine HCl. Remember K was invented and intended for injection. Otherwise you will probably have to evaporate the Ketamine HCl down to a crystalline white powder and snort it. It is important to remember that at the above doses you will have full-on visual hallucinations and astral projection. You will be partially anaesthetised so I recommend staying horizontal to avoid any possible accidents. You probably will not get any choice in the latter. The Ketamine experience is similar in many ways to DMT for me but without the feeling of terror, or feeling wired. In fact, on K you feel like you are dissolving away in total orgasmic euphoria and that you enjoy these bizarre afterlife experiences and losing your physical state does not worry you. Unlike DMT when you can get very deeply concerned about being so close to death.     


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