Two poems by fylthevoyd
Date: Tuesday, October 03 @ 15:19:18 UTC
Topic: Poetry & Songs

"Pick A Flower"

A flower grows,
eventually dies,
when it snows.
As in time,man knows,
he steps to his death,
as sure as the wind blows.
for man is the measure,
but not of all things.
For it is God who determines,
which men shall be kings.
Whether heaven or hell,soul or not,
we all end in the man measured plot.
So let it be known to one and all,
that man can determine his rise and fall!


From the depths
          of the ocean floor.
Comes my feeling
          of love and war.
To the feeling
          I can relate.
This is my sorrow
          I do debate.
The answer seems
          to be in all.
Be my brother
          and I'll not fall.

These are both a couple of pieces from my days of doing some very deep  internal searching of myself.After spending many years in the depths of darkness,which lead to my journey in search of enlightenment.

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