Samhain 2006
Date: Thursday, November 09 @ 15:39:39 UTC
Topic: Poetry & Songs

Samhain 2006

"the flames and the embers
burning down the veil
theothersideis here istheotherside

the middle is nowhere.
and everywhere.

and the elusive I is nowhere to be found
by the formatory mind.

This is the whole lesson:
There is no lesson.
One that Is Knows.

Why is there so much
between One and Is?
unless i'm neither.

feeding last year's shadows
into the flames
building a pyre
on a pyre
on the ashes of a


I got distracted
before I even got started.
This was supposed to be internal
and here I am out here still.

Happy Samhain!

I shall enjoy my bit this eve.
it is all outside again, and so it is.
I will remain bourne out here for now,
but not always and ever.

I don't think I was ready
to just go straight in....
I have to learn to Know Myself
so that I no longer trick myself
in so many ways.

Still, I sense the Center.

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