Date: Thursday, November 09 @ 19:11:06 UTC
Topic: Religion

The COOL community is pleased to announce our latest feature, MyBible.  MyBible is a revolutionary concept which allows our members the ability to create their own bible based upon the COOL site's content as well as content gleaned from the Internet and our member's own articles and commentaries.

We feel that people shouldn't have to follow and base their lives on just one set of religious teachings.  Thus we have enabled our members to establish their own set of teachings and sources for religious inspiration.

By creating your own bible, you are free to pursue whichever teachings appeal to you, and you alone.  Or if you are part of an established church or community, you can assemble a set of references and teachings that are appropriate for your group and make that your community bible.

If you are a minister you can select prayers, songs, mantras or whatever other resources you can find here and elsewhere on the Internet and create your own sermons/lessons from them.  Your group can then access them directly as an aid to their own bible study.

If you're creating your own religion, you'll find MyBible to be a handy resource for defining your scope of teachings, and creating a spiritual foundation for your religion based upon the unlimited resources of the Internet.

For those who desire a legal defense for their religious use of sacraments, MyBible provides a place where they can assemble the resources that support such use.  You can include historic, religious and legal precedents for your beliefs in your bible, which can establish your intent (publically) for using these sacraments.  Along with your testimonials about sacraments you have the basis of a legal defense that could be impressive, should you ever have to go to court.

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