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COOL Archives: Hallucinogenic Plants of the New World (1963)

Hallucinogenic Plants of the New World  
by Richard Evans Schultes

THE PLANT KINGDOM has always been man's main source of the necessities and the amenities of life. Since the prime necessity is and always has been food, man must have eaten experimentally every conceivable kind of plant material in times of hunger. Some of the plants which he put into his stomach were outright poisons with which he was physically unable to experiment more than the first time. There were others, however, which, although they did act in some ways like poisons, induced physical and mental states not at all unpleasant and oftentimes of startling unreality. Man had then become familiar with narcotic plants.

Posted by skip on Friday, November 30 @ 23:22:48 UTC (21943 reads)
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COOL Archives: The Mushroom Rites of Mexico (1963)

The Mushroom Rites of Mexico
By R. Gordon Wasson

I DO NOT recall which of us, my wife or I, first dared to 'put into' words back in the Forties the surmise that our own remote ancestors, perhaps 4,000 years ago, worshipped a divine mushroom. Nor am I sure whether our conjecture was before or after we had learned of the role of Amanita muscaria in the religion of several remote tribes of Siberia. Our bold surmise seems less bold now than it did then.

Posted by skip on Sunday, November 25 @ 22:34:21 UTC (11774 reads)
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COOL Archives: Drugs and the Mind (1963)

When Aldous Huxley published his essay "The Doors of Perception" in 1954, he did much to publicize the effects of a very strange drug. "Mescaline," he wrote," admits one to an other-world of light, color, and increased awareness. In some cases there may be extrasensory perceptions. Other persons discover a world of visionary beauty. To others again is revealed the glory, the infinite value and meaningfulness of naked existence. . . ."
By the time Huxley got to try it, mescaline had been studied as a medical curiosity for some thirty years. Peyote, the tiny cactus from which it is obtained, had been known for centuries; it had been worshipped as a god by the ancient Aztecs. Indians of the Rio Grande region took up the use of peyote for narcotic effect, and the practice quickly spread northward until, in the twentieth century it reached tribes in such far-flung places as Wisconsin. So widespread was its consumption that the Bureau of Indian Affairs tried to suppress it in the 1920's, and with the passage of the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act in 1938, the government was empowered to seize shipments of the cactus crossing state lines.
Posted by skip on Saturday, November 24 @ 23:38:25 UTC (5388 reads)
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COOL News: Sacred Weed

Posted by wyldwynd on Sunday, August 12 @ 17:48:12 UTC (4846 reads)
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Sacramental Cannabis

Sacramental Cannabis
By BushyOldGrower
Author of Bonanza of Green

 There is little doubt that cannabis is effective medicine and it is totally safe.  Recently my Medical Doctor stated, “Whatever works” regarding Alternative Medicine.  She knows that what works for the patient is the main criteria for good medicine as well as safety.

 The term, “Sacramental Cannabis” like “Medical Cannabis”, makes some in the anti-pot world shudder.  The difficult thing to understand, about opposition to medical use, is the fact that Doctors prescribe many very dangerous and poisonous drugs even for small ailments.  Why should anyone object to a patient taking the advice of his or her physician?

 In regard to Spiritual usage of Cannabis, I believe that the objections to this one are as illogical as ever.  In reality Sacraments are rituals used for religious purposes.  These rituals allow a practitioner to raise their spiritual energy.  Visualization, meditations, incense burning and prayer are all helpful to the daily maintenance of the spiritual aspect of our lives.

Posted by skip on Sunday, April 01 @ 23:05:41 UTC (6673 reads)
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