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COOL Activities: Hip Chat

You can now access Hip Chat from Coolove! Hip Forums registration required./* */ To enter this chat room, please enable JavaScript in your web browser. This Chat Software requires Java: Get Java Now
Posted by skip on Wednesday, September 29 @ 18:47:42 UTC (10105 reads)
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Drug Bust Nets Leader Of Big Island Marijuana Ministry

Drug Bust Nets Leader Of Big Island Marijuana Ministry

A two-year investigation led to the arrests of 14 people on the Big Island in connection with an alleged marijuana growing and distribution network.

The leader of the group has openly said cannabis is a religion for him and that he's proud to spread what he calls the sacrament. How he did it, though, appears to have run afoul of federal authorities.

Roger Christie of Hilo speaks openly about what he calls his religion -- his THC ministry, and of the wealth that has flowed from it.

"The nickname for it is ganja-nomics,” he says on web videos he made promoting his services, “the natural economy that happens when you have freedom and cannabis together."

He claims a state license to be a wedding minister is his license to provide the drug. For donations of varying amounts The Hawaii Cannabis Ministry based issues a “Religious Use of Marijuana” ID card, ordainment, legal defense kits, and what the founder calls the sacrament -- marijuana

"We use cannabis religiously, and you can too," Christie says. “Raise the level of acceptance for having the blessings of cannabis in our life. I know you want it. I wanted it, I was hungry for it. I got it."

Thursday he got arrested, along with more than a dozen others, picked up in various locations from Hilo to Honokaa. Drug enforcement agents, sheriffs, county police, immigrations and customs and even postal agents were part of the bust. Sources say 14 people in all were taken into custody. The full story can be read by clicking this link.
Posted by wyldwynd on Tuesday, July 13 @ 17:08:49 UTC (8864 reads)
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Creating a new culture based on tribal values

Wahkon writes "Inter Caetera denies indigenous peoples some of their fundamental human rights. If Pope Benedict XVI would be so kind to publicly revoke this papal bull, or apologize for it, and then write and publish a document that states that indigenous peoples have the same fundamental human rights as all other peoples, this would go a long ways toward helping to create a new U.S.A. culture based on traditional tribal cultural values.
Posted by skip on Wednesday, April 01 @ 22:57:29 UTC (12741 reads)
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COOL News: Medical Marijuana Pioneer Passes

Eddy's Medicinal Gardens
Multi-Denominational Ministry of Cannabis & Rastafari

Monday, November 26, 2007

Greetings all,

It is with great sadness that we announce that Reverend Linda Irene Senti has passed away, and left this mortal plane on Sunday, November 25th at 8:00 pm PST. Happily, Linda was surrounded by her family and friends to the very last moment. A celebration of Linda's life and achievements will be held on Saturday, December 8th, at Eddy and Linda's home.

Posted by skip on Wednesday, November 28 @ 03:06:17 UTC (7795 reads)
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COOL Archives: Best Acid Trip Ever

guitarzan writes "Im going to tell you of the best acid trip ever.

Me and My friend got this acid and waited till the middle of the week for some reason to take it. We each took 4 hits of blotter acid. We then called up one of our friends to go on a smoke ride with some pot that we had bought a day before. We rolled a nice blunt and then went for a nice drive out in the country.

When we got back to my neighborhood it was nearly 3 hours after we had dropped the hits of acid. We got out of the car and said by and thats when it all started. My friend then looked at me and we both started to laugh uncontrollably. We started to walk a little bit down the road when my friend stopped and went "Dude, your hair is green man" i stood their in astonishment to what he had said and then i looked at his face and it was purple. We started laughing some more and started talking about how cool this was as the houses and surroundings arround me started turning pastel and neon colors. We kept walking and came upon some lines painted on the road that were sky blue colored but the looked as if theyre were electricity running through them. We continued walking for a bit and a bunch of dogs started barking at us which made us a bit paranoid because by this time we couldnt really tell how good we were walking and a cop car had just drove past and my buddy had weed in his pocket. He asked me if we should ditch the weed but i told him just to stay calm and everything would be alright.

We ended up on a part of town that we dont normally walk to and a car passed us and parked on the side of the road blasting "we will rock you" by "Queen" and thats when i looked to the clouds and saw mens faces(almost like gods) singing to the song. We thought that to be very amusing. The birds were also chirping very loud and werent just whistling regularly, it seemed like they were singing songs. We went to a local grocery store to get a can of soda and started walking back to my house. When we got back to my house we chilled for a while and watched some robot chicken and aqua teen hunger force, those were crazy. Then we walked to the local gas station to get a pack of cigarrettes for my next day at work and i walked into the bathroom and my eyes were all bugged like a frogs eyes or something with the pupils dilated. I cant really remember the rest but it was an amazing time i suggest that everyone try it at least once.
Posted by wyldwynd on Thursday, May 17 @ 21:30:30 UTC (13765 reads)
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